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Egg Freezing: Delaying Pregnancy Until You Are Ready

These days, a medical procedure known as “egg freezing,” also known as “oocyte cryopreservation,” is done to increase a woman’s window of fertility, which involves removing, freezing, and storing her eggs. In order to produce multiple eggs, the ovaries are stimulated. The eggs are then harvested, cooled to below-freezing temperatures, and preserved. Thanks to technology, women can put off having children while still having the option to use their eggs for future conception.

Women who are pursuing career and personal goals, those whose fertility may be affected by medical treatments e.g. cancer treatment, or those whose fertility is declining due to aging, often opt for egg freezing. Even though it doesn’t ensure future pregnancy, couples looking for more control over their family planning schedules are starting to consider egg freezing as a proactive way to protect their reproductive options.

Reasons for delaying pregnancy

Egg Freezing for Delaying Pregnancy - NU Fertility

There are several reasons why a woman might choose to delay her pregnancy. Some of these are listed below:

  • Relationship status: It is estimated that about three-quarters of women who decide to freeze their eggs, do so because they do not have a partner. This is the primary reason given by women that they are not in a relationship conducive to childbearing.
  • Medical reasons: It is often seen that women who are suffering from cancer and undergoing cancer treatment choose to delay their pregnancy. The reason for this delay is that cancer treatment can be toxic to the ovaries and may cause premature menopause. Most of these women usually suffer from lymphoma, breast, or gynecologic cancers.
  • Career goals: Oftentimes, women hold this opinion that they have to get something done in relation to their career before deciding to start a family. These days, more and more women are delaying having children in order to concentrate on their demanding jobs. For such individuals, egg freezing option is a boon.

Factors to consider while opting for egg freezing

Egg freezing entails careful consideration of a few vital factors. So, before you embark on getting egg freezing done for a future pregnancy, at a time when you are ready, keep the following things in mind:

1)    Age and fertility concerns: The likelihood of successfully freezing and using the eggs for later use is higher in women in their 20s to early 30s because they are generally healthier and more viable. When done at a younger age, when ovarian reserve and egg quality are higher, egg freezing is most effective. However, fertility preservation at any age is better than no fertility preservation at all.

2)    Egg quantity: Many women who wish to freeze their eggs for future use, often come up with the question as to how many eggs they should preserve. Healthcare providers suggest such women to freeze 10-15 eggs minimum per planned pregnancy if they wish to give birth to two babies. To be on the safer side, preserving 20-30 eggs gives a good chance of achieving two pregnancies. For females older than 37 years, the aim should be to freeze 25-30 eggs per planned pregnancy.

 3)     Number of egg freezing cycles: The number of egg freezing cycles is dependent on various factors, including age, desired family size, baseline ovarian reserve, and your body’s response to ovarian stimulation. Many patients who have their eggs frozen, go through multiple cycles to get as many eggs as possible that will increase their chances of becoming pregnant in the future. The more eggs you freeze, the better your chances of becoming pregnant later on in life.

4)     Cost of procedure:  Fertility preservation through egg freezing is a viable option for those seeking a late pregnancy. However, the costs involved in this procedure should not be neglected. It usually ranges from INR 1,20,000 to INR 1,50,000 in India but may vary from one clinic to another. Other than the basic cost, there may be other costs such as for medications, consultations, and storage fees. Thus, it is important to obtain a thorough cost breakdown prior to moving forward with egg freezing.

5)    Side effects: Just like any other medical procedure, egg freezing also carries some possible side effects. The hormone medication may cause you to have some side effects such as fatigue, mood swings, and breast sensitivity. Additionally, you might feel pain or redness where the injections were administered. Other than these, after the egg retrieval, you may experience some vaginal discomfort which usually wears off on its own after sometime. In rare situations, the ovaries may become hyper-stimulated by the hormone medications which is called ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome or OHSS.

 In conclusion, choosing to pursue egg freezing is a very personal choice that is impacted by a number of variables. People need to assess their situation carefully, taking age, health, desired career path, and moral issues into account. Although egg freezing presents a viable means of maintaining fertility, it does not ensure future conception. An informed decision about whether egg freezing is the best course for one’s reproductive journey requires open communication with medical professionals, extensive research, and reasonable expectations.

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