Tips for Intrauterine Insemination

Intrauterine Insemination Process - NU fertility

The problem of Infertility has been one of the major reasons restricting couples to enjoy family life. This has been a global issue. However, with advanced technology, there has been hope for couples to conceive with a number of successful treatment options. One of the types of treatment procedures discussed here is Intrauterine Insemination or simply, IUI. 

How does IUI Work? 

IUI is a reproductive procedure wherein the sperm from a male partner is transferred into the female partner’s uterus. The objective of this treatment is to transfer a maximum quantity of healthy sperm from the male partner to improve the chances of fertilization. 

This procedure sees your fertility expert carefully examine the eggs of the female partner before stimulating the process of ovulation. Once closer to ovulation, your fertility expert will commence the treatment. 

While IUI has proven to be a good alternative reproductive technique, there are a few key factors that influence its effectiveness and success. 

NU Fertility @ NU Hospitals, one of the leading fertility care centres in Bangalore and India has performed many successful IUI procedures. Here are a few tips shared by experienced consultants from the hospital that could be useful. 

Tips For A Successful IUI 

Choose a fertility expert with evidence-based, successful IUI treatment 

The experience and expertise of your fertility expert are of paramount importance while performing procedures as delicate as IUI. Therefore, choose an expert who can take quick decisions towards executing a successful procedure. 

Consume A Well-Balanced Diet 

The success of IUI greatly depends upon what you eat. Practice a balanced diet which can support your aspirations of a successful pregnancy. A nutritious diet is what you need the most during this hour. 

Stay Fit. Exercise Regularly 

Have a modest workout practice. Staying fit at the time of treatment and also after the treatment is 50% job done. This boosts the chances of pregnancy by a great deal. 

Quit Smoking 

Quitting Smoking can do wonders for your health at any time. The success of IUI is no different. Avoiding or totally quitting smoking is an excellent idea to achieve success. 

Anxiety And Stress Management 

Ensure that you are not over stressing yourself too much due to the mere thought of having to undergo IUI. Relax and enjoy yourself. 

Wrapping up 

At NU Fertility, we’re committed to ensuring that couples who aspire to have family have their wishes addressed through safe and effective treatment procedures. The Hospital has brought smiles to the faces of many aspiring patients to be mothers through professional IUI treatment. You are absolutely safe in the hands of our Fertility experts at NU Fertility, widely rated as the best fertility care centre in India. 

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