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Dr.Sneha J


Orgasm Concerns

Orgasm is defined as a transient feeling of intense pleasure which occurs at the peak of sexual arousal. It is associated with involuntary rhythmic contractions of pelvic floor muscles. When a woman is distressed with the lack of orgasm or feeling of orgasm inspite of adequate sexual arousal, it is called orgasmic disorder.
It is the second most common cause of female sexual dysfunction . about 20% of women experience problems with orgasm.

Sexual arousal is characterized by increased blood flow to the genital regions (vulva, vagina and clitoris). The length of the vagina increases by about 1 cm prior to orgasm. The clitoral hood gets retracted.

With orgasm, there is release of the sexual tension built up during the previous phases of sexual stimulation. Involuntary contractions occur in the vagina and uterus. There is an increase in the heart rate, blood pressure and breathing.

It feels very good and lasts a few seconds.

There is release of prolactin and oxytocin into the blood stream, immediately after orgasm. The hormones help in increasing the bonding between partners. Blood flow to the genitals decrease and they go back to their original size. The genitals feel sensitive to touch.
  1. Biological causes : Hormonal changes ( hypothyroidism, low estrogen and testosterone levels), Nerve damage (spinal cord injury), chronic medical condition or surgery
  2. Belief / taboo about sex
  3. Previous bad experiences
  4. Lack of emotional bonding with the partner
  5. Certain drugs, medications or alcohol use

If you feel that you are not satisfied sexually, help is available. Contact your healthcare provider specialized in sexual medicine.

If it is due to a hormonal condition, the imbalance must be corrected. Drugs need to be replaced with the safer ones with fewer side effects.

Most of the time, simple education regarding anatomy and clearing the doubts will help in correction of the dysfunction. Occasionally more intense sex / couple therapy may be required.

Pelvic floor strengthening will improve the orgasms.

A newer option is injection of Platelet rich plasma (PRP) similar to O shot into the clitoris, vagina and labia. This treatment has been proven to be of benefit in few women suffering with inadequate orgasms.

Help is available. It is important to visit the right healthcare provider offering sexual medicine services.