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nufertility@nuhospitals.com at NU Hospitals, Rajajinagar, Bangalore, India was started in 2015 keeping in mind the emerging needs of the infertility and ART services. The state of art embryology laboratory is built according to the ESHRE guidelines and the all quality is constantly monitored, ensuring the appropriate culture condition. A dedicated team of reproductive consultants, embryologists and andrologist continuously strive to give the best to the patient and we are proud to achieve a success rate on par with the international standards.

We offer a whole range of infertility service like IUI/AID/IVF – ICSI/ blastocyst culture/ PICSI/ oocyte freezing/embryo freezing/semen freezing/ invitro maturation of oocyte/ oocyte and embryo donation/ HSG/ saline infusion sonography and fertility enhancing laparoscopic or hysteroscopic surgeries. We have also extended our services for fertility preservative in young cancer patients. We have a robust system of internal Quality assessment which captures the quality indicators from time to time and guide us to improve ourselves. The ambiance and the warm staff further enhances your comfortable experience and eases the stream of going through the infertility.

Our Strength
  1. Expert Team:We have a dedicated team of clinicians and embryologistswho strive to provide the best of personalized care to all infertile couples simultaneously keeping pace with newer and advanced technologies.
  2. State of the art infrastructure - OT complex and clean room facility for assisted reproductive techniques.
  3. Specialized male infertility evaluation and treatment options.
  4. Comfortable accommodation and ambience.
  5. Clean room IVF Laboratory with bioclad walls which are antimicrobicidal.
Key Success factors
  1. Almost Zero Attrition Top Specialist Team.
  2. In Depth Domain Knowledge in Fertility Specialty.
  3. Obsession with Quality.
  4. Trendsetting Trait.
  5. Undiluted, Unwavering Focus and Competence on Fertility Specialty.
  6. Treasure Trove of Fertility Specialties.
  7. Frugal Entrepreneurial Leadership.
  8. Pioneering Initiatives.
  9. Ethical Practice.
  10. SMART –Simple-Moral-Accountable-Responsible-Transparent.
  11. Team NU.
  12. Head on Shoulders-Feet on Ground Approach.
  13. Cautious Optimism backed Growth Plan.
  14. High Standards of Governance and Stringent Compliance.
  15. Multi Centric Operations Capable Enterprise and Infrastructure.