Sexual Health Concerns in Bangalore | NU Fertility


Dr.Sneha J


Sexual Health Concerns

It is everybody’s right to have access to sexual health and sexual education. Sexual health is health and forms an important component of basic health

There may be problems with sexual desire, arousal, pain or orgasm. A dysfunction in any of these aspects causes sexual dysfunction.

The various aspects addressed include:

  1. Contraception from adolescence till menopause
  2. Treatment of STDs
  3. Post menopausal sexual health
  4. Sex education
  5. Genital health and hygiene

What are the benefits of healthy sex?

A healthy sex has numerous benefits. Orgasm creates a natural high and releases endorphins. The benefits include:

  1. Better emotional bonding between partners
  2. Better sleep
  3. Better overall health
  4. Better fitness
  5. Reduced pain
  6. Reduce stress
  7. Longer life