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Vestibulectomy Surgery

Vulvodynia or vulva pain is a condition wherein women have severe pain in the vulva area. When it occurs in a tiny area of the vulva, it is called localized Vulvodynia. When the pain is experienced contained to the area around the opening of the vagina i.e., vestibule, this condition is said to be vestibulodynia.

Vestibulectomy surgery is a gynecological procedure that involves the removal of either partial or whole of the vulvar vestibule, which is the area around the opening of the vagina.

Vestibulectomy surgery is usually done to treat a condition called provoked vestibulodynia, which causes chronic pain and irritation in the vestibule when it is touched or stimulated. Such a condition can affect an individual’s sexual function, quality of life and well-being.

Vestibulectomy surgical procedure involves minimal bleeding and is usually done under spinal or general anesthesia. The amount of tissue removed during the surgery can vary with respect to the pain.

The recovery period is about 6–12 weeks, depending on the amount of vulvar tissues removed. Post-surgery, the patient might need further physical and possible mental therapy to avoid scarring and lead a regular sexual life. This surgery can produce certain complications such as bleeding, decrease in vaginal lubrication, recurring pain, etc.

Talk to your gynaecologist if you are suffering from provoked vestibulodynia and are interested in relieving the pain through available treatment.